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BS, Computer Science, San Francisco State University, 2021-2022 (dropped out)
Dual Enrollment, Computer Science, Modesto Junior College, 2018-2019

RethDigital (Founder & CEO/CTO, 2019-)
Founded at a Starbucks my sophomore year of highschool while living in a motel.
Surpassed $1MM ARR in 2 years w/ zero outside funding.
Built the world's first AI SMM, ECHO-1 (LLMs/NLP/IPA).
Ranked 7th most trending marketing company in the US in October of 2020 by Crunchbase.
Represented by TheMachine. Part of Reth XYZ.

IntelligentX (Investor, Co-Founder, & CEO, 2022-)
The future of smart crypto investing.

North8 Agency (SMM, Marketing Executive, 2018-2019)
Bugged the CEO to let me intern for him.

Augment SEO (Founder, 2017-2019)
Couldn't legally get a job at the age of 14 and none of my apps became the next Flappy Bird so I launched a digital agency.
Made $0 from 2017-2018 (surprise, surprise).
Check out my flyer and business card from 2017 here.

RethLabs by Reth XYZ (2022-) · Bellhop Agency by Reth XYZ (2022-) · Miyagi by Reth XYZ (2022-) · Martha5 Agency by Reth XYZ (2021-) · ECHO-1 by Reth XYZ (2021-) · RethProductions by Reth XYZ (2019-) · RethDsgn (2015-2018) · Elonachat (2016) · Redbird Game (2014) · Jumpy Roo (2014)

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